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Here’s what some of our Torrance, CA customers are saying about us:

Stan thank you for taking care of my 2014 CLA! I've taken my car to get serviced at the dealership and finally got tired of paying ridiculous prices. Classic Star Mercedes has provided me with the same high level of quality service at a much more affordable cost. I wish I would've found this place sooner! My wallet and car thank you!

Brittany Alcantara Google Review

They serviced my car cheaper than anyone else and identified the noise my car was making (nobody else, including the dealership, could figure it out). They said it wasn't something that needed replacing, it would just be a waste of money. Summary: Cheap, Honest, and Friendly.

Shawn Wolfe Google Review

BENZs R scary complicated, the dealership level computer DIAG saved a LOT of time & money THX stan

Kirk Maillet Google Review

Been in there a bunch of times. Most recently to fix a window that would not close. He gave a quote and said it was probably a certain broken part, but when i picked it up, the part was not required, so the cost was about half of what he originally thought. I really like it when a mechanic is honest, because I had no way of knowing whether that part was required. Very happy with his service and honesty (which is probably more important than anything)

Lawrence Smith Google Review

They are a great shop, and they do really good work.

Susan RepairPal Review

Excellent service at a decent price, they were competent with the work I needed and I find them to be very reliable.

Gloria RepairPal Review

I have always had good service there, and I have been going to them since 1999. They are always reasonable, and you never have to go back for the same work.

Amber RepairPal Review

They are excellent with the repairs, they got the work done quickly and they kept me updated on their progress.

Norman RepairPal Review

Everytime I go there they fix my car in a timely manner, and their prices are a lot lower than the dealer.

Marsha RepairPal Review

The service was excellent. They seem to have very fair prices for their work, they do the work in a timely manner and they are very friendly.

Chevone RepairPal Review

I brought my car in and they jumped right on it, they got the work done quickly and I have no complaints at all.

Craig RepairPal Review

When you take your car in they get the work done when they say it will be finished, and the work is always done correctly the first time.

Linda RepairPal Review